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1/4/18 - STV and UTV current added

Not an April Fool joke, but updates have been made today!  STV & UTV current idents have been added to their respective pages.

20/11/17 HD Uploads

The first 1080p upload from t|v|a was made today, launching a new range of videos to come from t|v|a.  It's been a long time coming since the first BBC HD ident in May 2006 was broadcast.  HD videos will be marked next to the filesize with this flag > .  I hope you enjoy the forthcoming updates, which will be made to the digital:satellite section of t|v|a. 


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Videos added 6th Jul 2019 for...

Eden (Scuba) (EPG 166)
Videos added 30th Jun 2019 for...

Good Food (Chilli) (EPG 133)
Next Update: mid September 2019

Last Updated 12th Sep 2018

Travelxp (LCN 98)



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