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Anglia Television

                        Last Updated: February 11, 2020

On 27th October 1959, Anglia started in the East of England... and that was basically it.  A company that wasn't remembered for many things at all... A silver statue, Nicholas Parkins, and a series of films about some animals moving around. With respect to the company their "local" output has always been a lead in dedicated viewing to its audience.

Oct. 27th 1959 - March 1988
(colour version from 1970)

© ITV plc
70's Start Up - 2,426Kb (TV Ark)

© ITV plc

March 1988 - Nov. 7th 1999  

© ITV plc
88 Kb (TV World)

© ITV plc

Oct. 27th 1999  

© ITV plc
112Kb (Russell Wright (thru. TV World)

Nov 8th 1999 - Oct 28th 2002  

© ITV plc
203Kb (625 Television Room) (up to Aug. 10th '01)
187Kb (Aug. 11th '01 - October 28th '02)

October 29th 2002 to 31st October 2004  

© ITV plc

1st November 2004 to 15th January 2006  

© ITV plc

16th January 2006 - current  

© ITV plc

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All copyrights acknowledged.
RealVideos supplied with permission from Andrew Wiseman (625 Television Room), Steve Hackett (TV Ark), James Edwards (TV World), Russell Wright (Russnet:TV)
1988 Anglia Ident stills, Late 80's Anglia News and Anglia Weather images from Richard Bell.

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