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ITV Regions on Digital Satellite

Press Services, 4, 4 then enter the following frequencies.

10.714H or
10.758V or
10.832H or
10.891H or

All with SR of 22.0 and FEC of 5/6

Why does my phone light illuminate on my digital satellite box?

There are three reasons why the light appears.

  • If you have obtained your digital satellite box free of charge through Sky Digital, you are obliged under your "Interactive Discount Contract" to keep your box connected to a phone line for 12 months.
  • If you have recently ordered pay-per-view events.
  • If you are part of the Sky Viewers Survey council. (This process collects viewing data from subscribers, and is only offered to premium package subscribers).

All of the above called are done through a free phone number.

What is the difference between FTV (Free to View) & FTA (Free to Air)?

They are both free television channels, that are accessed differently.  FTV means you need a viewing card to confirm that you should be watching that channel.  For example, Channel 4 in the UK is blocked in Ireland, viewing card holders registered to a UK address will then unlock that channel, whereas Irish viewing cards won't.  FTA means there is no need for this card to unlock the channel, it is viewable without any additional means.

What's all this about analogue TV disappearing by 2012?

The Government has set an agenda to close all analogue broadcasts by 2012, in a region-by-region switch off.  This means that any channels that you currently view through an aerial without a set-top box (and teletext) will disappear in 2012.  The only way you will be able to watch television will be through either an Integrated Television, or a set-top box.

More details can be found at

How many people watch television through "Widescreen" sets?

Whilst information in this area is not highly forthcoming, a study was performed by OFCOM in 2004.  This study revealed that ownership was around 15%.  Since widescreens were introduced in 1994, this then represents an increase to 30% by 2014, however the rate of increase doubled following the introduction of digital broadcasting in 1998.  Therefore the actual projection for 2014 would be more accurately 38%

More details can be found at

If you wish to ask a question or add to the FAQ, contact us.

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