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Channel 4 - Idents

Last Updated: February 11, 2020

2nd November 1982 - 11th October 1996


© Channel 4 Corporation

Channel 4's main ident.  This version was used on Saturday 9th April 1983 introducing ABC's American Bandstand's 30th Anniversary.

© Channel 4 Corporation

Same video as the 1983 version on the left, however with a 1992 audio track re-edit as the main theme.

© Channel 4 Corporation
A 1992 variant of the main ident, the blocks coming from all sides to combine.

© Channel 4 Corporation


A 1992 variant of the main ident, the blocks breaking in from the camera.  This sequence was also reversed to replicate the sequence used most commonly for a "Channel 4 Closedown"

© Channel 4 Corporation

A 1992 variant of the main ident, the blocks breaking out to the right to combine.

© Channel 4 Corporation

A 1992 variant of the main ident, the blocks breaking out to the left to combine.

© Channel 4 Corporation

Channel 4 Love Weekend transmitted on Valentine's Weekend 1993, seeing another side to what the Channel 4 logo can do!  Like BBC's "2", Channel 4's "4" was a very versatile creature, seeing him/her in many different colours and positions.

© Channel 4 Corporation

"Soap Weekend" from 1995, celebrating all that was good in "soaps".

© Channel 4 Corporation

Another view of the ident, with early details of subtitling.

© Channel 4 Corporation

1983 Spring/Summer Preview: 1.01Mb

Channel 4's Spring/Summer Preview and Continuity from April 1983.

© Channel 4 Corporation

I don't normally do "coming next" captions, however this 1995 styling included the "Orbit" ident, rendered in a glass box, as if it was a museum relic.  Brilliant.

© Channel 4 Corporation

This break-bumper was the first from Channel 4 (in regular use), used for a month from 1st Jan 1993.  However, Channel 4 changed the bumper to the forming "4" style as they were getting complaints as most people were un-aware of what the animation was for! Ultimately it had no meaning, and no indication as to what is happening on screen.

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