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Channel 4 split itself into 6 regions based mainly on the ITV structure (apart from Wales where S4C was operating).  This gave Channel 4 an opportunity to split itself into relatively unique commercial regions where advertisers could sell their products using a target/regional market.  Channel 4 catered for a smaller market, allowing advertising revenues to be cheaper than ITV, therefore appealing to smaller establishments.

One method that Channel 4 swooped on was a form of unique selling, pictures and download available below...

See the whole advert

If you have similar content from your "Channel 4 Region" please feel free to give to TV Archive

Nowadays, Channel 4 doesn't utilise its regional ability as mach as it could, with regional adverts becoming rare.  However the regions are still there, as proved by this 4-Tel Clock Cracker...

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All images and downloads captured by Mark Snowdon for t|v|a
All images (C) Channel 4 Corporation 1983, 2000
Last Updated: February 11, 2020