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Channel Television

                    Last Updated: February 11, 2020

The Channel Islands is the most difficult region to cover in broadcasting terms.  It's much simpler to broadcast from France, just because it is closer.  However, the challenge was set to the ITA in early 1960, when it was approached by a consortium that believed it could provide adequate coverage.  Channel Television started broadcasting on 1st September 1962 after problems with the location of the main transmitter, and receiving network ITV programmes from the mainland.  Channel TV struck a deal with Southern Television for them to provide the network ITV services free of charge.  If the initial set-up was hard, the conversion to colour was even harder.  Channel TV was cash-strapped and the transmission range of UHF (colour) broadcasts was smaller than VHF (b/w).  The Channel Islands finally started to receive colour transmissions from 24th July 1976, 9 years after colour was first introduced in the UK.  Since then, Channel TV has continued to receive ITV network programmes free of charge (from Meridian), and finances still are an issue.  However with their strong local loyalty (possibly the biggest brand from the Channel Islands), Channel Television continue to struggle on...

1st September 1962 - 1980

© Channel Television
150Kb (TV Ark)

Possibly the longest running black & white ident in the UK, Channel used its 6 islands in this abstract representation.

A colour version of this ident was introduced in 1976, which saw the background colour change to blue, and the islands to yellow.

1980 - 1985

© Channel Television

A change in corporate logo saw stripes for the Channel Islands, a design which was to last with the company for 19 years

1985 - 1989

© Channel Television
39Kb (TV50)

A departure from the traditional "blue background" schema of idents, Channel TV went for a "computerised" look for this ident

1989 - 1992

© Channel Television
185Kb (TV Ark)

A bizarre jingle, and interesting use of the "three primary colours" for the formation of this ident

1993 - 31st May 1999

The CTV stripped logo continued with minor changes during this period.  Also seen during this period is a departure from the CTV stripes, to a compass-like logo.

Anyone with further details or video evidence of its use, please contact us

1st June 1999 - 7th Nov. 1999

Image will appear here soon

Another change of logo for the company, seeing the "hearts" scheme of ITV being introduced as the company logo, with comets forming a heart around "the world of the Channel Islands"

8th Nov. 1999 - 15th January 2006

© Channel Television

Channel TV have now bizarrely joined the ITV Generic look for 1999.  The uses the style to their own specifications, and their own jingle.

© Channel Television

More often, this variant appear on the islands' screen, played out whenever an announcer is not present.

Sep 2002

© Channel Television

For the 40th anniversary, this ident is being aired showing the three main logos of Channel's past

Sep 2003 to 31st Oct. 2004

© Channel Television

Continuing the same logo, however changing the background to suit the current "generic" ITV1 scheme

1st Nov. 2004 to 15th January 2006

© Channel Television

Aah, lifestyle on the islands just what we need to see from the only true independent ITV station.

16th Jan. 2006 - current 

© Channel Television

Where is it... where it is.. ah there it is.  Channel clinging to their identity on the edge of the massive "itv" in this corporate feel ident.

If you have any video content regarding Channel Television, this would be gratefully welcomed, please contact us!

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Thanks to Steve Hackett @ TV Ark, Steve Yates @ ATW and Mike McGonagle @ The TV Room for the kind permission to use their respective images & videos.


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