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BBC Engineering Tests 2001

On Friday 27th July 2001, the BBC closed down BBC1 for engineering tests upon their transmitters. This is a yearly test to check for the links between transmitters, signal strength, switching etc. The presentation surrounding these tests are shown below...

01:15 - BBC1 Handover > BBC News 24 


BBC1 handed over to BBC News 24, nothing unusual happens here, occasionally we see a long ident, or a long News 24 sting.

02:59 - BBC1 Closedown 


At 02:59, BBC1 finally winded down to close, with this unusual caption, quite a generic announcement, generic across the platforms.

03:00 - Testcard W - digital platformsTestcard J - analogue platforms 

Then Testcard W appeared for an hour on digital platforms...


On Analogue BBC1, Testcard J made an appearance after 5 seconds of Testcard W. This was the transmitters disconnecting from the network. The most action was seen on BBC1 Analogue. During this time, many switching and outage tests were performed on the network.

04:00 - Handback to BBC News 24 


Then at 03:55 BBC1 Analogue rejoined the network, to broadcast Testcard W. At 03:59, a caption appeared, and was displayed until 04:00 News Headlines from BBC News 24

All images and videos (C) BBC 2001


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