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TV Company Fonts

                                    Last Updated: February 11, 2020

We've looked everywhere to bring to your computer the fonts that TV companies use to make their logos  You can freely download the following typefaces to use for reports, essays or other documents as headers or as main text. Fonts are intended for PC use only and may not work on other operating systems.

The majority of files are compressed in the "Zip" format, thus you will need to decompress the files and install them into your "Fonts" folder.  For more instruction as to how to do this, open your Operating Systems' help file and search for "Installing Fonts"

Granada (1968)

Yorkshire (1999)
© Bitstream Inc.

Tyne Tees (2000)
© Stephenson Blake (Holdings) Ltd.

Carlton (1993)
 © Monotype Corp.

Central (1982)
© Alltype.

TV Logos
© Andrew Wood.

Thames (1968)

ITV (1998)
 © Monotype Corp.

Sky (1998)
© Bitstream Inc.

TVS (1982)

(1989 ITV Corporate Font)
ITV (1989)

S4C (1982)

S4C (1992)
 © Monotype Corp.

If you know of any font names used for any historic TV logos, please contact us and we will attempt to put it here in due course!

Copyright of the logos remain with the respective broadcasters.  Copyright of the fonts remain with the fontsmiths.


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Yorkshire one is like Bank Gothic.

Posted by John123521 on Monday, 16.11.09 @ 01:33am | #8467





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