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Last Updated: February 11, 2020

The breakfast broadcaster began by taking over TV-am's breakfast slot on New Year's Day 1993 when they won the franchise for the ITV National programme between 6.00am to 9.25am. Originally named Sunrise Television, GMTV have found it difficult to establish themselves with strong competition from the BBC and Channel 4. They ended up looking far too familiar to their predecessors. Their fortunes haven't changed much over the years, with them not having total dominance over the breakfast market, sharing with BBC's Breakfast Time. With stars on the channels such as Lorraine Kelly and Mr. Motivator, GMTV is still seen as the channel that TV-am could have become, simply the same.

Pre. 1st Jan. 1993  


As part of their pre-launch campaign came this commercial, attempting to make the channel fun and lively by the use of a cockerel.

Early Years (Early-Mid 90's)  


A standard start up from GMTV, their "News Hour" reflecting how much their output and scheduling was like their predecessor TV-am.


Mid - Late 90's

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A minor change of colours to GMTV's presentation, a full blue background, with the same logo

Jan 2000 - Sep. 2004  


A new look for GMTV launched for the new Millennium. Ratings are still steady battling strongly with the BBC. 1.4m viewers are a regular figure that GMTV receives.

Sep. 2004 - Jan. 2009  


Widescreen arrives at GMTV towers.  Ratings remain consistent with GMTV still battling the BBC at around 1.5m viewers.

Daily GMTV opts out of its programming for regional news, however sometimes it doesn't always goes to plan.  When the regional news is occuring, this video is broadcast on the Network feed...

Jan. 2009 - 3rd September 2010  


Fresh for 2009, refreshing idents aren't as frequent as it used to be!

6th September 2010 - 27th April 2014

© ITV Breakfast Broadcasting Ltd

Starting a trend to move away from the GMTV name, and bringing back essentially titles from the past (because everyone loves a little bit of nostalgia!)

27th April 2014 - current

© ITV Breakfast Broadcasting Ltd

Daybreak really didn't work, it didn't bring the viewers and it accurately replicated the beige 80s feel to its original programme during TV-am days.  Therefore, there's only one solution..... find another programme title that worked during TV-am days..... and hence Good Morning Britain was reborn!

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do you have gmtv2

Posted by Jordon on Tuesday, 29.05.07 @ 09:47am | #201

Hey are you ever going to give this website a new look?

Posted by Asa on Tuesday, 20.03.07 @ 15:15pm | #117

Great blooper upload.

Posted by Rob on Monday, 12.03.07 @ 08:14am | #115





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