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Grampian Television 1961-1989




                            Last Updated: February 11, 2020

The most northerly, and most wide ITV region is Grampian covering from Dundee up to the Shetland Isles. A difficult region to cover, both from presentation and transmission viewpoints.  Launching on 30th September 1961, Grampian Television grew itself immediate financial problems.  However through an increase in local programming, Grampian gained itself a local following.  In local programming, Grampian reigned supreme throughout the 70's & 80's.  Little much more has been heard about the company since outside their broadcasting range, until the merger with Scottish Television's parent in the mid 90's.  Nowadays Grampian's programming just looks and feels like its southern partner, and regionalism is now on a national scale.

30th September 1961 - 1972 

126Kb (TV Ark)
Grampian started with this artistic representation of the Highlands, using 4 triangles and stop-frame animation.

1971 - 1976 

230Kb (TV Ark)

Reminiscent of ATV's Colour Zoom ident, this is a much cheaper looking version, but still an effective representation of the transformation to colour broadcasts.

 Between 1977 & 1980 a darker blue version of the ident above was used.

April 1985 - 1st Sep. 1989 (used as a still image since 1980) 

356Kb (ATW)

Grampian's ident was one of the most famous computer-generated idents ever, forming this logo.  This capture was mainly used at the end of local programmes throughout the 1990's.  Below are some further examples of Grampian presentation during this era.


Click Here To Continue Grampian in the 1990's

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All images and videos copyright remain with their respective owners.
Thanks to Steve Hackett @ TV Ark, Paul Taylor @ ATW and Derek Smith for the kind permission to use their respective images & videos.
1982 In-vision continuity image from Derek Smith through Richard Bell.


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hi I am looking for footage of a news item from Grampian 1958 to 1960 it was of a pet deer in Aberdeenshire it belonged to my family the producer who came to the house was called Ben Lyon can you help

Posted by mary copland on Sunday, 7.09.14 @ 14:40pm | #8639





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