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                        Last Updated: February 11, 2020

The successors of TWW was in the form of this originally Welsh company.  In one of the most difficult regions of ITV to serve, Harlech Television had the major task of producing effectively three services, one for the west, one for Wales and a General Service between the two.  HTV as it became known as also had the problem of providing regular Welsh language programmes, which was transferred to S4C in 1982. Since then, HTV had concentrated on providing one single service to its viewers.  With programmes such as Keynotes, Rolf's Cartoon Club and various drama serials, HTV proved themselves as a "back-burner" of ITV in the 80's and 90's.  Today, HTV are part of Carlton, so more changes are afoot!  Before their brand is taken away, lets see how the Harlech name reigned...

20th May 1968 - 1970

© ITV plc.
90Kb (TV50)

The first and most memorable ident from HTV saw this generic black & white "eye strainer"!

1970 - 28th September 1987

© ITV plc.
157Kb (TV Ark)
until 1983 on ITV

© ITV plc.
40Kb (TV50)

Colour finally arrived in the dual region, and with it the launch of this new company logo.  Nicknamed the "aerial", it was to stay with the company for 22 years.  There were four versions of this ident (nicknamed the "waterfall" ident), each with different regional variations.  The versions above are both of the "Wales" idents, with "West", and "a blank space" filling the other two.

28th September 1987 - 31st Aug. 1989

© ITV plc.
50Kb (TV World)

© ITV plc.
152Kb (TV Ark)

Computer technology finally arrived at HTV with this 3D version of the HTV "aerial".  A nice, smooth animation with a small, but noticeable error with the initial formation of the HTV "aerial".  See if you can spot it!

© ITV plc.

1st. Sep 1989 - 31st Dec. 1992

© ITV plc.
1989: 57Kb (HHG thru. TV World)
1992: 203Kb (TV Ark)

© ITV plc.
1989: 263Kb (TV Ark)
1992: 41Kb (Mark Steele)

HTV joined ITV for the 1989 Generic Look.  HTV were a fond user of these idents, with a re-edit of them in 1992.  A generic version with the text "HTV" was also used in this period between the two stations.

1st Jan. 1993 - 1995 

© ITV plc.
255Kb (TV Ark)

The generic idents were dropped in favour of this icy ident.  In signification of HTV's franchise renewal, the company decided to also drop the "aerial".

© ITV plc.

The production caption from this era
1995 - 7th Mar. 1999

© ITV plc.

More will appear here...

8th Mar. 1999 - 7th Nov. 1999

© ITV plc.
75Kb (TV World)

In light of recent schedule changes at the time (most noticeable the removal of News At Ten), HTV decided for a small facelift of its idents.  This new set of idents show a re-shoot of the animations.

8th Nov. 1999 - 28th Oct. 2002

© ITV plc.
229Kb (TV Ark)
(8th Nov. '99 - 1st Jul. '01)

As part of United News & Media, HTV joined the 1999 Generic Look.  Now part of Carlton Communications, it seems the "HTV" name could be split again in the future...

(2nd Jul. '01 - 28th Oct. 2002)

The start of HTV's idents then changed to Carlton's style.  Using the current ident scheme by Carlton, and matching it to the current HTV style has created a new ident.
I wonder if we could use the first part of the "eye-straining" ident, and matching it with the end-cap of the "waterfall" ident to get the same effect?

29th Oct. 2002 - 31st October 2004

© ITV plc.
523Kb "News"

© ITV plc.
(from 1st December 2003)

Joining the corporate look once again, HTV seems to have misplaced their name... oh I see now, their owners Carlton, who promised to keep the HTV name has... misplaced their name.  Oh dear, don't tell me Carlton have gone against their promise... again?!

1st November 2004 - 15th January 2006

© ITV plc.

© ITV plc.

New for 2004, ribbons, squares, and a split up itv logo, some would say it's another visual sign of ITV's regionalised past.  It just can't let go can it?!

© ITV plc.

16th January 2006 - 13th Nov. 2006

© ITV plc.

© ITV plc.

Keep looking, keep looking... ahh there it is.  Wales grappling on to their national identity on a national channel. 

The form-up of the ident is questionable in design quality as the "Wales" stamp position is constant throughout, thus when the "itv" element moves into position it covers the word "Wales" partially thus conflicting.  Surely "Wales" wasn't an afterthought especially after the closing of their continuity department the day before...

"West" appears to have the same difficulty with clinging on to their identity as well...

13th November 2006 - current

© ITV plc.

With "West" gone to the graveyard of ITV names, Wales literally clings on to the screen, here seen relegated to the bottom of the screen (almost as if it wasn't part of ITV anymore...)

Other HARLECH sites

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The Harlech House Of Graphics
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Transdiffusion - Harlech

With thanks for the use of RealVideo material and screen grabs on this page to: Steve Hackett & Mark Steele (TV Ark), Mark Steele (formerly MSTV), James Edwards (TV World), Steve Yates (TV50), Rory Clark (Harlech House Of Graphics)
All pre-1999 "Production" images from Richard Bell


Current Comments

3 comments so far (Add Comment)

The CGI HTV idents was introduced in 28th September 1987 until 31 August 1989.

Posted by Luke Allen on Friday, 27.09.13 @ 18:20pm | #8621

I was on a programme called JUST WATCH IT in 1971 with a band called Scarborough Fayre. Is there any chance that video from this show exists?

Posted by Tony Sainsbury on Thursday, 25.04.13 @ 12:17pm | #8510

The early, pre-hearts 1999 ident was great. I was sad to see it go that November when it was replaced by a generic ident.

Posted by HTV Fan on Sunday, 28.01.07 @ 22:50pm | #40





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