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ITV Generic Look 1989



                            Last Updated: 07 September, 2018

The first real attempt from ITV to provide the views of "Channel 3" with a generic style to its programming. This came with a generic ITV style, with a regional difference for all 14 areas of transmission.  Previous attempts had been made throughout the 70's and 80's through the use of trailer sharing, and networked promotions.

© ITV plc

188Kb (TV Ark)

The Regional Variants

© ITV plc
176Kb (TV Ark)

© ITV plc
1990 Re-edit: 328Kb (TV Ark)

© ITV plc
1989: 57Kb (TV World)
1992: 203Kb (TV Ark)

© ITV plc
1989: 263Kb (TV Ark)
1992: 41Kb (Mark Steele)

© ITV plc
768Kb (ATW)

© ITV plc
98Kb (TV World)

© ITV plc
331Kb (Mark McMillan) (no v/o) 
309Kb (Mark McMillan)

© ITV plc
1989: 76Kb (TV World)

© ITV plc
276Kb (TV Ark)

© ITV plc
1989: 149Kb (Round The Regions)

© ITV plc
1991: 103Kb (TV World)

In addition to the above, there were other companies that weren't broadcast.  Below are examples of two of the companies that didn't use their original set of 1989 Generic idents.

© ITV plc
(used with the kind permission of Greg Taylor,
ITV 1989 Corporate Look)

These style of idents were also not used on Channel TV, Ulster, TSW, or TVS

The new logo was also used for network trailers, in the first of its kind on ITV, where a set format for general network promotions was used.

© ITV plc

Thanks to Steve Hackett (TV Ark), James Edwards (TV World), Mark Steele (formerly MSTV), Paul Taylor (ATW), Greg Taylor (ITV 1989 Corporate Look), Damien McCaughan (Round The Regions) & Mark McMillan for giving permission to use all images and Real Video files featured on this page.
Copyrights in the images & videos shown belong to English Markell Pockett


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