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Last Updated: September 02, 2018

Here is a list of the sites and the people who have contributed to areas of this web-directory & other sites of which t|v|a recommends

625 Television Room - Andrew Wiseman
an original television related web site looking at many technical aspects of television including PDC, DOG's, PIF's and presentation material

ATW - Another Television Website - Paul Taylor
small site looking in detail at the presentation of Grampian Television.  Also features Central, Anglia and Channel 4

TV50 - Steve Yates
formerly known as "Sean Hughes' TV Logos Web Site" and "ABC-tv", TV50 now has the most stills of UK television material spanning across all channels.

TV Ark
Steve Hackett, Rob Frowen, Simon Luxton, Mark McMillan,
Steve Barnes, Marcus Bernard and Gareth Price

formerly known as "Television Ark", this site has the most RealVideo files of all television related sites, split into relevant sections

TV World - James Edwards
a very good site with many launches of channels in video files.  Launches include Sky Television, Breakfast Television, and many TV companies

1989 ITV Generic Look - Greg Taylor
an ITV recommended site looking at the ITV Generic 1989 stills with some unseen variants

APFS - Mark McMillan
a good "what if..." type of site, looking at start-ups and closedown of defunct stations, and what if they were still operating?

ITV Schools - James Hudson
an excellent look at the schools presentation on Ch4 & S4C from 1987 up to today

Webfax - Malcy B.
a "Ceefax" interface with test cards, and recent news articles.

The TV Room - Mike McGonagle
excellent general site looking in detail historically, and currently at all TV channels in the UK and Ireland

Border Television Area Web Site - Kevin Halstead
contains everything to come out of Border Television since the late 80's

mb21 - Mike Brown
the home of the UK Broadcasting Webring and the Wirelist, mb21 looks in detail at Teletext with an excellent historical look at Ceefax and Oracle.  Also includes exclusive Transmitter Information

ITV Southern England - Andrew Clarke & Mike Brook
looks at ITV in the South - changes from Southern to TVS to Meridian

Television Southwest - Ed Hearn
looks at ITV in the South West - changes from Westward to TSW to Westcountry to Carlton.

Greek TV - Andrew Wood
looking at television material from Greece.

Sub-TV - Jason Robertson
excellent contented site with a detailed look at ITV & BBC Schools and all of ATV's history, amongst other presentation.

TV Whirl - Terrence Burridge
usual dosage of adverts and Northern idents.