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Meridian Television

                            Last Updated: February 11, 2020

In a region that has seen the most changes of ITV company, it was difficult to estimate how the following company will turn out in its early days.  Meridian's fortunes in this lucrative region were helped by United News & Media, setting Meridian out to be a valuable children's and drama programme maker for ITV.  Sold off to GMG, now in the hands of ITV plc, Meridian is expected to continue to be a major player of ITV for many years to come.

1st Jan. 1993 - September 1996

© ITV plc.
88Kb (ITV Southern England)

Meridian's first effort used their company logo "the Sun" to the maximum.  It was a nice effort with smooth flowing animation for the people of the South, if not bland.

September 1996 - End Summer 1998

© ITV plc.
148Kb (TV Ark)

Next up from Meridian was this more colourful departure from the original scheme.  Those with an eager eye will note in the top left hand corner of the screenshot the old ITV logo.  A bizarre twist to see a company add this logo to it's idents considering they were effectively dropped from idents by other companies years ago.  Maybe it was because Meridian never had the chance to embrace the full delights of a 1989 Generic ident!

5th October 1998 - 7th Nov. 1999

© ITV plc.
133Kb (1998) (TV Ark)

© ITV plc.
  129Kb (1999) (TV Ark)

Now on Meridian, spot the difference.  You guessed it, it's ITV readying itself for yet another set of Generic idents!

8th Nov. 1999 - 27th Oct. 2002

© ITV plc.
168Kb (TV Ark)  (up to 10th August '01)
620Kb (current)

And here it is, as part of the ITV Generic Look 1999.

© ITV plc.

An example of Meridian's "coming next" slide, notice lack of local branding on this slide.  In previous years, Meridian branding existed over this slide until its merger with GMG.
28th Oct. 2002 to 31st October 2004 

Missed both of these, if you can help, please contact us!

1st November 2004 to 15th January 2006 

© ITV plc.

ITV as 1, Meridian now an after-thought...
16th January 2006 - current 

© ITV plc.

Getting smaller & smaller, you might just be able to make out the word Meridian in between the reflection of the film crew in this ident.

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All video material and images are used by permission from: Steve Hackett & Mark Steele (TV Ark), Mike Brook (ITV Southern England)


Current Comments

2 comments so far (Add Comment)

Meridians 3rd ident with an orange background was introduced on 5th October 1998 and it was discontinued on 7th November 1999.

Posted by Mark Allen on Sunday, 28.09.14 @ 05:16am | #8642

To Whom it may concern,
what exactly happened on Meridian's first show, "Meridian: the First Ten Minutes", after it took over from TVS on New year's Eve, 1992?
Brook Crowley

Posted by Brook Crowley on Monday, 12.03.07 @ 01:39am | #114





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