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Television South

TVS as this company will always be known, started with aggression and good business sense, in an increasingly overcrowded television market.  It knew since its introduction in 1982 that it would need to have a good start to be a "successful" television company.  TVS tried everything, network programming, self-promotions, it even bought another television company (something relatively unheard of in its time), however, in October 1991, TVS Television found their efforts and fate had gone to waste.  The company was to be put into the television scrap-book for historic reference. 

However, their ident efforts were impeccable in their time!!

1st Jan 1982 - 7th Sep. 1987 

© TVS Entertainment plc
33Kb (TV World) (Weekdays)
41Kb (TV50) (Weekends)

In 1982, computer generated graphics were non-existent until established by Channel 4 at the end of the year.  So TVS decided upon two versions of an animated ident, one for weekdays and one for weekends.  Imaginative, why?!

7th Sep. 1987 - Oct. 1989 

© TVS Entertainment plc
34Kb (Mark Steele)

The computer industry was spreading itself amongst presentation material by the time this ident was transmitted.  A nice effort, with subtle animation compared to today's efforts.

Oct. 1989 - Dec. 31st 1992 

© TVS Entertainment plc
168Kb (Richard Bell)

This last logo was produced at a time when TVS Television bought MTM, and effectively "bought" themselves out of ITV.  TVS refused the 1989 ITV Generic Graphics, and lost their franchise.  However their last logo was much slicker and more relaxed than their second effort.  

What happened to MTM though? Well, MTM was sold to an American cable outfit, International Family Entertainment, and in 1998 to News Corporation, owners of BSkyB and, more importantly, the 20th Century Fox movie studio.  MTM is now a part of Fox's Television division.

© TVS Entertainment plc

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With thanks for the use of RealVideo material found on this page to: Richard Bell, Mark Steele (formerly MSTV), James Edwards (TV World), Steve Yates (TV50).  Thanks to Matt Williams for the information on MTM. 1989 "production" image from Richard Bell.

Copyright on all footage remains with the respective television companies

Last Updated: 11 February, 2020


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