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Westward Television

                        Last Updated: February 11, 2020


Launched 29th April 1961

Colour 22nd May 1971

TSW takeover 12th August 1981

Closed 31st December 1981

29th Apr. 1961 - at least 1965

© Westward Television
Television South West

1967? - end 1971

© Westward Television

at least 9th January 1971 - 31st December 1981

© Westward Television
TV Ark

More Westward

Television South-West
Transdiffusion - Westward
Java-TV - What If... Westward
ITW - History of Westward

With thanks for the use of RealVideo to: Ed Hearn (Television South West), Steve Hackett & Mark Steele (TV Ark), Steve Yates (TV50).
Thanks also to Chris Wathen for further information regarding Westward's presentation use


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My Maiden name was Dymond, I appeared on a programme produced westward Television Called, Its all yours, I would so love to see this again and for my family to see it, can you please help. Sincerely Elizabeth Brobin Nee Dymond

Posted by Elizabeth Brobin on Sunday, 19.01.14 @ 09:08am | #8623





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