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DSat - Extra Views

In addition to Sky's EPG, other channels can be received through the satellite by manually tuning the transponders.  Here are some of my findings of these "other channels"

At 02:49 BST 16th June 2001, Astra 2C was launched into the sky.

An hour programme was broadcast from Kazakhstan, mainly consisting of how the rocket was built, and the launch itself, tracked by vision and radio-communications.  

The Launch (2.83Mb)
Closedown of Programme (1.44Mb)

In anticipation in FilmFour's multi-channel launch of FilmFour +1 (hour), FilmFour World and FilmFour Extreme on April 7th, this is currently being broadcast showing the running times of FilmFour (delayed).

This was what was being shown on the same channel before Friday 23rd March

NTL's colour bars, taken from forthcoming channel Scene One.

The backbone to the entire service, this is Sky Digital's Test Card broadcasting in 16:9.

Broadcast at the end of a recent Robbie Williams video, a nice form of an apology caption.

E4 having technical difficulties with a recorded version of Big Brother.

The generic term for Star's channels is Star TV, an Indian programme supplier broadcast in India and the UK

A generic look at all of Disney's channels

Closedown Captions

(till 31st March 2001)

(post 1st April 2001)

When any of these channels aren't broadcasting, this caption is shown...

till 7th May 2001

from 7th May 2001

...this is broadcast when any of the UKTV channels aren't broadcasting...

...and when BBC Choice aren't broadcasting, this caption is shown

BBC Choice Nations

BBC Choice Wales closing for the last time, celebrating by losing its DOG!

BBC Choice N.I. closing down by celebrating their continuity team.


BBC Choice Scotland (554Kb) (full version)
BBC Choice Wales (208Kb)
BBC Choice Northern Ireland (152Kb)

Copyright remains with the respective broadcasting companies.

Last Updated: February 11, 2020

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