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DSat - Interactive


With the advent of digital communications to the home comes the factor of interactive services

These services are being welcomed and well used by television companies as a new method of interacting with their viewers.  It also give the impression of a new, developed form of Teletext.  However in technical terms its ability is just the same as Teletext when compared to other initiatives such as the Internet.

This section looks at the historic views that broadcasters have used to create this interactive effect.

  1  Sky Active

  2  QVC

  3  PlayJam

  4  Teletext Holidays

  5  Sky Customer Service

  6  Sky Gamestar

  7  PlayMonteCarlo & Roulette

  8  Directgov - Govt Info

  9  Sky Vegas

  10  FancyaFlutter & YooPlay

  11  NHS Direct Interactive

  12  ... Other Former Services ...


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Last Updated: February 11, 2020

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