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ABC Television

The former cinema chain thought the introduction of ITV was a threat to itself, so "if you can't beat them, join them".  ABC transmitted to the Midlands and the North at weekends only.  ABC were very strong corporately, however this never really got through to their programme quality.   This lasted into 1968 when ABPC (ABC's parent company) and Rediffusion London's parent BET, set-up a joint television company; Thames Television.  ABPC held 51% of this new television station.

19th Feb. 1956 - Early 1959

ABC initially began with the use of their corporate "shield" motif, adopted slightly to reflect its television status.

Early 1959 - 1964 

© FremantleMedia Group
34Kb (TV50)

ABC adopted the famous three triangles of their long standing company logo, to create a new design.  This ident was used nationally with no regional variants as seen by other ITV companies of their time.

1964 - 27th July 1968 

© FremantleMedia Group
205Kb (TV Ark)

A slicker ident compared to the previous, with the use of a Sans-Serif font.

Independent Productions (Colour) 1968 

© FremantleMedia Group

ABC never transmitted as an ITV company "in colour".  However this ident was used on "Colour Productions" made by ABC, exported to other nations, most noticeably on "The Avengers".  By the time ITV had colour, ABC was gone to Thames.  Also interestingly, the company logo of the "Three Triangles" were gone for this ident, showing further that the company as a television producer was gone forever. 

Nowadays, ABC Cinemas still incorporate the original "shield" in their company logo, in their original style.

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With thanks to the following people for the permission to use video and screen-grabs: Mark Steele & Steve Hackett (TV Ark), Steve Yates (TV50)

Last Updated: February 11, 2020


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