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TV Archive thanks you!

t|v|a would like to thank the following people for allowing us to present our web directory in the best possible manner...

Richard Bell
Anglia, Border, Carlton, Central, TTTV, Scottish, Grampian, TV-am, Ulster, BBC1, BBC2, Granada, HTV, TVS

Steve Hackett (TV Ark)
ITV Generic 1989, ITV Generic 1999, Grampian, Scottish, Border, Tyne Tees, Yorkshire, HTV, Central, Anglia, Meridian, Carlton, LWT, Channel TV, ABC, Southern, Westward, ATV, Thames, Channel 5

James Edwards (TV World)
ITV Generic 1989, Tyne Tees, Yorkshire, HTV, Central, Anglia, Carlton, TVS, ATV, Thames

Mark Steele (TV Ark) (formerly with MS:TV)
ITV Generic 1989, HTV, TVS

Edmund Hobbs
RTÉ Two, TV3, 3e

Paul Taylor (ATW)
ITV Generic 1989, Grampian

Mark McMillan (APFS)
ITV Generic 1989, Scottish, Yorkshire, ATV

Damian McCaughan (Round The Regions)
ITV Generic 1989, Tyne Tees, Yorkshire

Greg Taylor (ITV Generic Look 1989)
ITV Generic 1989

Andrew Wiseman (625 Television Room)
ITV Generic 1999, Anglia

Mike McGonagle (The TV Room)
ITV Generic 1999, Scottish, Central/Carlton, LWT

Andrew Wood (Greek TV)

Steve Yates (TV50)
Border, HTV, LWT, Associated-Rediffusion, ABC, TVS, Westward, Thames

Ed Hearn (Television South West)

Rory Clark (Harlech House Of Graphics)

Kevin Halstead (Border TV Web Site)
ITV Generic 1999, Border

Asa Hicks (TV Home)
LWT, Channel 5

Andrew Bowden (Tyne Tees Logo Page)
Tyne Tees

Al Dupres

Russell Wright

Mike Brook (ITV Southern England)
Meridian, Southern

Derek Smith
Grampian, Scottish

David Sibbald

James Hadfield
Yorkshire, Central/Carlton

We would also like to thank the following for proving us information about our content and commentary...

Chris Wathen, Russ J Graham, David Sibbald, Duncan McAllister, Derek Smith, Russell Wright, Daniel Finkeltaub, Steve Yates, Matt Williams, Sean Mason

Apologies to anyone I may have missed out.

Finally, a big thank you to our viewers, and all your comments and thoughts on our educational experience.  Please continue to enjoy TVA!

Mark Snowdon, Webmaster