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Border Television

                           Last Updated: February 11, 2020

One of the oldest ITV companies hasn't gone without its fair share of trouble.  In one of the most regionally dedicated zones of ITV, Border has sufficed its viewers for years.  With little "networked" output over the years, this company was always prone of takeovers and mergers, with Granada "stalking" them for years.  Lets just hope Border's strong regional identity doesn't fall victim to the recent merger.  Before that happens, lets look at the rise and demise of that infamous B...

© ITV plc.

1st Sep. 1961 - 1972

© ITV plc.

The first ident from Border Television shows this simple black and white static logo, introducing the artistic Borders logo.  I wonder if the designer of the logo knew that it would be in use for 38 years?!

1st Sep. 1971 - 3rd Sep. 1989

© ITV plc.

The introduction of colour brought an update to Border's static opening caption.  The slide never moved until the introduction of regular computer animation made by Border in 1993.

4th Sep. 1989 - 31st December 1992 

© ITV plc.
176Kb - (TV Ark)

In order for Border to say they are part of ITV, they joined the infamous 1989 Generic scheme.  Border seemed to like to use the ident, running the sequence on-screen for 4 years and using it in a unique way for introducing their local news programme Lookaround

© ITV plc.

1st January 1993 - 1st September 1995 

© ITV plc.
266Kb - (TV Ark)

The next addition to Border's ident gallery shows a change away from the generic scheme.  This is effectively Border's first moving ident.  Not much further to report except a variation of the ITV 1989 Generic Theme Tune.

1st September 1995 - 7th Nov. 1999 

© ITV plc.
173Kb - (Border TV Web Site)

This re-edit creates a variation of the ITV Generic Jingle and a nice forming animation.  Not much more to say really, except for the method that the Border logo appears is reminiscent of Granada's 90's stripe effect.

© ITV plc.

© ITV plc.
184Kb - (TV Ark)

Border have the CGI bug, with another variation of the 1995 ident sequence.  Still no further change in the jingle with a further variation of the ITV 1989 Generic Theme Tune.

© ITV plc.
324Kb - (Border TV Area Web Site)

Border pull the stops for this ident, with another twist the the main logo. Also the company must have heard that ITV weren't using their 1989 Generic logo very much anymore, therefore they needed to produce something new as a jingle.  A cute, little ident considering its the last time we see the big B ...  This was used at weekends only.

8th Nov. 1999 - 28th October 2002 

© ITV plc.
244Kb (Border TV Area Web Site)
(up to Aug. 10th '01)
237Kb (Aug. 11th '01 - October 27th 2002)

Back to the Generic scheme with the big B gone, after 38 years!  With the take-over, will it be returned to its former glory in time before ITV becomes a single company?

© ITV plc.

The production caption for this era, with the use of the generic credits scheme currently used for promotions.

Oct. 29th 2002 - August 31st 2003 

© ITV plc.
110Kb "News"

Joining the latest generics, here is the Border variant.

© ITV plc.

Following the ITV (England & Wales) plc. merger, the new "production" style of ITV, both with and without capitalisation.

September 1st 2003 to October 31st 2004 

© ITV plc.

Squaring things off, Border with a squarer background.

1st November 2004 to 15th Jan. 2006 

© ITV plc.

Continuing on the generic ITV theme, still no sign of the chopsticks!

16th Jan. 2006 - current 

© ITV plc.

Can you see it?  Border, logoless, now clinging on to its name...

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Thanks for the images and RealVideos on this page goes to... Steve Yates (TV50), Steve Hackett (TV Ark), Kevin Halstead (Border Television Area Web Site)
Border ITV 1989, Border Weather, 1995 Border Ident, 1995 Border In-vision image from Richard Bell.


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