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Carlton Television

Last Updated: April 08, 2018

One of the most controversial television companies entered ITV on New Year's Day 1993, displacing Thames Television.  The company itself does have impeccable business sense.  Carlton needed to be able to establish itself quickly and cost effectively in order to be a major player in the television market.  Carlton's best move was to use other independent television companies to produce their programmes (Celador, Watchmaker and others), thus saving money for the company, and giving more to the ITC.  

Nowadays the company is mostly critisised for its major takeovers, and for its "tabloid" style of programming.  However, this cannot disguise the fact that Carlton are the major player in ITV and that in 7 years it has established itself into people's memories quicker than what ATV did.

1st Jan 1993 - 4th September 1995 

© ITV plc
526Kb (TV Ark)

The first Carlton ident shows a unique style to television presentation ... the use of people.  It worked for a couple of years, but like most things they tend to look outdated and worn out after a period of time.  This video download is taken from the launch of Carlton at 12.00am on New Year's Day 1993.

© ITV plc

The "presentation" end-cap from this era, mostly seen with a floral arrangement in the background.  The second one was standard for 1994.

4th September 1995 - 20th November 1996 

© ITV plc
41Kb (TV World)
192Kb (No Audio)

Carlton's next attempt was more subtle and looked smoother.  Also this is a relatively un-talked about ident, mainly because of what is about to follow!

© ITV plc

The end cap for this era. Central had the same background; but their own logo when Carlton bought them during this period.

25th November 1996 - 5th Sept. 1999 

© ITV plc
60Kb (TV World)

In an attempt to use similar idents between itself and it's sister company "Central", Carlton decided to use a generic style branding to its two companies, but the "generics" didn't stop there...

6th Sept. 1999 - 27th Oct. 2002 184Kb (The TV Room)
(until 10th Aug. '01)


© ITV plc
563Kb TV Home (until Oct. '99)
400Kb ("Strawberry") (until 10th Aug. '01)

Cross branding of "Carlton" was now across its three franchises now with the introduction of this ident (and to a certain degree on its newly acquired fourth).  The only downside for London viewers is that Carlton is now Carlton (London)!

© ITV plc
379Kb (James Hadfield)
271Kb (sport)

August 11th saw ITV re-brand to ITV1, and with it, this remake.  Carlton super-imposed the new ITV1 logo onto its existing idents, a slightly shoddy job compared to GMG's set.

28th Oct. 2002 - 31st August 2003 

© ITV plc

With the dawn of National ITV1, what to do with the regional franchises?  Well Carlton still exists, in a smaller form of course.  It just gets smaller and smaller!

1st September 2003 - 31st October 2004 

© ITV plc

A highly short lived ident, after all you never used to see the "Network" feed refer to itself as coming from "London".  This was dropped in favour for the "Network" ITV1 ident soon after, however the "blocks" style continued for over a year.

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All images and video material used with permission from James Edwards (TV World), Mike McGonagle (The TV Room), Steve Hackett & Mark Steele (TV Ark), James Hadfield.
1993 "Production" image from Richard Bell


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