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Central Independant Television

 Last Updated: April 08, 2018

On 1st January 1982, Central Independent Television started broadcasting to the Midlands region for the ITV network. The company, 51% owned by what was ATV, had a shaky start, but in later years soon established itself as one of the most popular ITV brands of all time. Popular programmes to come out of the company are too many to list here, but include Auf Wiedersehen Pet, Peak Practice, Spitting Image and many, many others!

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1st Jan 1982 - Nov. 1983  

© ITV plc
41Kb (TV World)

The first Central logo, giving new meaning to "there's something new in the sky", part of Central's launch advertisements.
Used locally within start-ups until Early 1984.

Nov. 1983 - Autumn 1988  

© ITV plc

The second, more recognisable logo, used since the beginning in conjunction with the first logo.  Then in Nov. 1983 it replaced the original "opening globe" ident nationally

© ITV plc

© ITV plc
Early 1983

© ITV plc
Late 1983

© ITV plc
368Kb Bullseye "Production" Animation

© ITV plc

© ITV plc

© ITV plc
Early 1988

© ITV plc

An example of Central in-vision continuity from 1984.  Taken from the middle of a "Spitting Image" programme; this would never be done in any ITV programme nowadays!

Autumn 1988 - Spring 1998  

© ITV plc
201Kb (TV Ark)

The third, and most famous logo from Central, used for 12 years locally, making it Central's most successful logo. It first appeared on Midlands screens in early 1986 (several versions leading to this final design also appeared from 1983).  The accolade of this logo must go to the exquisite Central Presentation Dept, who produced and designed all of Central's "Cake" idents.  Many, many, many versions of idents were made of this logo, and I don't think it would ever be possible to present them all!  

A re-made set of Central idents was first shown in 1994 with physical versions of the Central "cake" made out of items such as neon, wood, polystyrene and plastic.

© ITV plc

The full ident appeared on the ITV network in Autumn 1988, with the animated ident at the end of programmes produced by Central.

© ITV plc
328Kb (TV Ark)

© ITV plc
278Kb (Andrew Wood)

 As part of the ITV 1989 Generic scheme, Central were issued with their variation of the ident.  The original versions were not transmitted often; considered a rare viewing, but with Central's masterful Presentation department, they soon improved upon what they already had.  This version was also a rarity on Central, along with the full re-edit of the original that Central also made.

The 5th block "blue" of the Central logo changed to a darker blue in 1990.

© ITV plc

© ITV plc

© ITV plc
20th April 1998  - Sep. 5th 1999  

© ITV plc
41Kb (TV World)

Into the Carlton ownership era, using the Gill Sans font.

© ITV plc

Sep. 6th 1999 - 27th Oct. 2002  

© ITV plc
183Kb (TV Room) (until 10th Aug. '01)

Now Central is changed on-screen to Carlton's way of thinking, now named Carlton Central

© ITV plc
379Kb (James Hadfield) (11th Aug. '01 - Oct. 28th '02)

August 11th saw ITV re-brand to ITV1, and with it, this remake.  Carlton super-imposed the new ITV1 logo onto its existing idents, a slightly shoddy job compared to GMG's set.

28th Oct. 2002 - 30th November 2003  

© ITV plc

With the dawn of National ITV1, what to do with the regional franchises?  Well Carlton still exists, in a smaller form of course.

1st December 2003 - 31st October 2004  

© ITV plc

Looking like a nightmare, the building blocks of ITV hits the streets, however the Carlton name seems to have dropped off somewhere...

1st November 2004 to 15th January 2006  

© ITV plc

Continuing with the national look, "Central" properly returns to the screens for the first time in 5 years.  So in a way, Granada reinstated Central in a similar way that Granada reinstated Tyne Tees...?

16th January 2006 - current  

© ITV plc

More of Central's resurrection in name, continuing to be under its parent ITV.

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>>>>> Central DVD Shop >>>>>

All copyrights acknowledged.
Videos supplied with permission from Steve Hackett (TV Ark), Mike McGonagle (TV Room), Jim Edwards (TV World), Andrew Wood, James Hadfield.
1998 "Production" image from Richard Bell.
Additional thanks to Daniel Finkeltaub for specific information on transmission dates, and the use of idents.


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6 comments so far (Add Comment)

trying to find a programme entitled jack echoes of a life aired sept 29th 1030pm by central tv. not sure what year possibly pre 2003 possibly 1988
set in the great tew area of oxfordshire, any help would be greatfully recieved

Posted by alan mcconville on Sunday, 13.08.17 @ 14:11pm | #8686

Hi I am looking to find a copy of ATV Stop look and listen titled glass as my grandfather was in this any help would be great thanks Wayne Stevens

Posted by wayne on Tuesday, 22.10.13 @ 08:17am | #8622

Bring back the Central cake please? it would be nice.

Posted by Daniel Mullins on Sunday, 18.07.10 @ 16:21pm | #8488

This logo reminds me of many classic Central programmes, remember Jim Bowen on Bullseye? Clive Owen in The Chancer? Crossroads, both times round? Then there was Auf Wiedersehen Pet, I bet everyone remembers that!

Ahhh the memories, and that's just from looking at a moon or cake as it was often called!

Think of the corporate itv of today, what stands out? NOTHING.

Bring Back Regional itv!

Posted by Mike Brown Radio Show on Saturday, 14.06.08 @ 09:50am | #1406

Kindly let me know where can I get information to purchase video titles:
1. Bronislaw Malinowski: Off the Verandah
2. Margaret Mead: Coming of age

It is for sale to Singapore? what is the price?

Hamidah Asri
Library Specialist
Li Ka Shing Library
Singapore Management University
70 Stamford Road
Singapore 178901
Fax: + 65 6822 8083
Tel: +65 6828 0353

Posted by Ms Hamidah Asri on Wednesday, 7.11.07 @ 03:39am | #1386

Do you know where I can get information on the video titled: Before Columbus : conversion directed by Brian Moser. 1993; 50 min. Specifically if it is available for purchase and if so, what is the price?

Thank you,
Helen Lapp
Library Assistant - Acquisitions
Geoffrey R. Weller Library
University of Northern British Columbia
3333 University Way
Prince George, BC V2N 4Z9

Posted by Helen Lapp on Friday, 9.03.07 @ 17:00pm | #113





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