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Channel 5 - Idents

Last Updated: February 11, 2020

Presenting to you the very best of Channel 5's idents over their short history.  Five distinctive sets of idents have been made in Channel 5's 8 year history; here they all are..

March 30th 1997 - September 1999

Channel 5 launched with a DOG and a new style of television presentation to terrestrial television.

© Channel 5 Broadcasting

© Channel 5 Broadcasting

These three examples are all inter-linked by the use of the images as featured in the clips.  Others were produced and shown, in a lift, a dancer, and the actual Channel 5 logo revolving around itself!

© Channel 5 Broadcasting
190Kb (TV Ark)

© Channel 5 Broadcasting
204Kb (TV Ark)

© Channel 5 Broadcasting
887Kb First 14 " No V/O

Also a quick look at some Channel 5 continuity from this era.  These images come from Christmas 1998.  The last slide shows how Channel 5 rates its films in a unique fashion, as it is the only terrestrial station to explicitly use guidance in this fashion.  It was the only thing that I can remember that was praised on Channel 5; at least you knew what was to come on Channel 5 next!

© Channel 5 Broadcasting

September 1999 - September 2000

After 2 and a half years, Channel 5 ditched its ident set for idents featuring its many stars of Channel 5.  Bradley Walsh, Dr. Fox and its news team all featured in a new style of television presentation.  It's quite rare that presenters of a programme should feature in corporate branding of a TV station.  Times are changing!

© Channel 5 Broadcasting

© Channel 5 Broadcasting

© Channel 5 Broadcasting

© Channel 5 Broadcasting

September 2000 - March 3rd 2002

Channel 5 continued on the theme of having Channel 5 stars featuring within the idents, just tweaking the style of the idents slightly...

© Channel 5 Broadcasting

© Channel 5 Broadcasting
Xena: 315Kb

© Channel 5 Broadcasting
Dennis Wise: 286Kb

March 4th 2002 - Sep. 15th 2002

© Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd

New for 2002, Channel 5 continue to use their colour bars motif strongly in this sequence, however the station becomes the last national analogue terrestrial channel to present 16:9 identification.

Sep. 16th 2002 - 1st November 2004

© Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd

How ironic, as Channel 5 looses its "channel" status, the full return to "live" idents.  A hark back to the old days of cardboard cut-outs, live identifications are a sign of the change of times.  From the mechanical, to the computer, "five" has now joined the revolution of people idents, with ITV1 yet to follow.  Could *that* also be a sign of the times?

1st November 2004 - 23rd January 2006  

© Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd

Moving away from "live" action idents and on to more sophisticated computer animation; replicated by Channel 4 in the following months.

23rd January 2006 - 6th October 2008  

© Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd

© Channel 5 Broadcasting Ltd

CGI & live-action in vogue.

1997 material supplied with permission from Steve Hackett (TV Ark). Sep 1999 videos donated by TV Home.


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