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Granada Television - 1956-1989




Last Updated: February 11, 2020

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Early - Mid 1960's

© ITV plc.

Taken from a recent repeat showing of the first episode of Coronation Street came this front-cap.  It is debated whether it is authentic or not, however it does recapture the original style of the 60's Granada ident very well if it was re-produced.

© ITV plc.

...and this is the 1960 end-cap.  It has been said that this version of the end-cap was used for export only, therefore a copyright date was added to the bottom.  Copyright dates were not introduced for regular use on productions in the UK until the 70's.

1970 to 1985 

© ITV plc.

The production slide of the 70's and early 80's, from the north as always.

November 1985 - January 1988 

© ITV plc.

World famous for the "arrow in a G" logo, this front-cap from 1987 smoothly represents Granada's presentation in the 80's.  Silent, still, super!

Summer 1989 (until early Sep.)

© ITV plc.

Apologies for the poor quality, this ident was used throughout the summer of 1989, continuing on a theme for Granada to use a large, see-through version of their logo that had been running throughout 1989.

Early Sep. 1989 - March 1990

© ITV plc.

Production slide from the "generic" era.

© ITV plc.

A presentation slide from Granada, starting a small trend for "minimising" the film into a window. This style of presentation caption stayed with Granada until 1993, used only for the repeat showings of movies.

April 1990 - Nov. 7th 1999

© ITV plc.
The 90's "Granada Stripe"

© ITV plc.
"Glassy" Granada in the late 90's

Nov 8th 1999 - Oct. 28th 2002

© ITV plc.

Under the unified banner of ITV, Granada changed their presentation to adopt the 1999 Generic Look.

© ITV plc.
155Kb (4:3)
273Kb (16:9) 

August 11th saw another re-branding exercise for ITV, now a family of channels & platforms.  A minor change to idents UK wide (apart from Ulster, Scottish, Grampian & Channel TV) saw the change from ITV to ITV1.

© ITV plc.

A return for Granada Reports, not seen on North-West screens for 12 years.

© ITV plc.

Oct. 29th 2002 - 31st August 2003

© ITV plc.

As regional identity goes out the window, Granada along with other English & Welsh contractors have now joined the ITV1 branding exercise.

1st September 2003 - 31st October 2004

© ITV plc.

In an update for the "blocks" of ITV, the GMG variants all adopt this style.

© ITV plc.

1st November 2004 to 15th January 2006 

© ITV plc.

© ITV plc.

Aah, how erm... un-regional.  Are there any programmes that require this anymore?

© ITV plc.

© ITV plc.

As part of a celebration of 50 years of Independent Television in the UK, Granada's (the oldest ITV franchise holder) version of the ITV50 ident; and corresponding review show intro.  Any reason why the intro is a stretched version of the main ident?

16th January 2006 - current 

© ITV plc.

SAFETY ADVICE: Do not strain too hard to see this regional variant of the ITV1 national look.  I can assure word Granada is on screen, and copious amounts of zoom are required to be able to see it...

And for historical value, the caption used for Granada night on BBC2 in the mid '90's.

© British Broadcasting Corporation

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Current Comments

3 comments so far (Add Comment)


Posted by ps2e on Monday, 21.09.20 @ 12:34pm | #8751

It brings a lot of memories back to see the granda arrow good times

Posted by Barbara. Burton on Sunday, 16.03.14 @ 14:51pm | #8627

It's great to see these classic Granada idents again.

I miss that big pointy arroow thing at the end of Corry!

Bring back regional ITV!


Posted by Mike Brown on Friday, 13.06.08 @ 15:15pm | #1403





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