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ITV Generic Look 1999


                            Last Updated: February 11, 2020

As with everything, you have to try, try and try again before something becomes right.  Unfortunately ITV missed this concept and tried, got it right, then tried again.... and subsequently delivered blue spinning hearts. 

The following are the predecessors in the design stages of the ITV Generic Look project in 1999.  Interestingly they display more live action content than the final versions.

The agency came up with the idea of having an short introductory sequence of daily life ending up with the ITV "heart" being formed at the end. There are many interesting variants of this including moving house, washing lines, on the beach, in the office, on a football pitch. . . loads of them!

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Very good, they should have used those.

Posted by Chowchillah on Friday, 16.10.09 @ 23:02pm | #8465





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