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The start of ITV was highlighted by Associated Rediffusion, bringing a choice of channels into people's homes.  The originators of programmes such as Take Your Pick and Double Your Money, Rediffusion set the standards of ITV as it was back then.  Rediffusion's parent later joined ABC's parent to set-up Thames Television, "A Talent For Television".  Rediffusion's parent "BET" owned 49% of the new company.

22nd September 1955 - 1964  

© FremantleMedia
17Kb (TV50)

Associated Rediffusion started ITV with the company who was to be known as ATV with this ident.

In addition to the above ident, another variant was used.
This variant featured 'Associated-Rediffusion' moving in from the left of the screen, whilst 'Channel Nine' moved in from the right. Whilst the lettering was sliding into position, the BET star would spin around and then stop when the lettering was in place. The same jingle was used.

July 1964-1965  

© FremantleMedia

For a year, Rediffusion used this caption for its front-caps to networked programmes, then was demoted to local programming when the grey variant came in to use.  Rediffusion also super-imposed their logo onto the end of programming.

© FremantleMedia

1965 - 29th July 1968


© FremantleMedia

Rediffusion's most famous ident saw more animation and a change to grey from the previous ident

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RealVideos supplied with permission from Steve Yates (TV50)
1965 Rediffusion, London ident captured by Mark Snowdon
Thanks to Chris Wathen for information regarding on-screen use.

Last Updated: 26 September, 2018


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