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Scottish Television 1990 - current



                         Last Updated: February 11, 2020

1   9   9   0    -   c   u   r   r   e   n   t

January 1989 - 31st December 1992

 © SMG
800Kb (includes 1990 Scotland Today)

Scottish entered the 90's after ditching the ITV Generic Look.  Their theme was based initial around the much flatter thistle and three rolling circles, red, green and blue.  The video will show what I mean!

1st January 1993 - 3rd November 1996

 © SMG

Scottish then ditched the "big 80's" lettering, and moved smoothly into the 90's with this nice computer-animated effort.

 © SMG

The production end-cap for this era

 © SMG

A rarely seen variant of the above ident, with a "Television For Scotland" tag.

 © SMG

 © SMG

These late night idents used "local" scenery from Glasgow and Edinburgh.

4th November 1996 - Feb 27th 2000

 © SMG

 © SMG

 Scottish unveiled a new look in the middle of 1996 with a new background!  Also there were two variants, daytime and nighttime.  The change also affected Scottish's regional news programme Scotland Today (see later)

 © SMG

Here is the change, with the production dates giving the change away!

 © SMG

 © SMG

To end this STV clock taken from 1996, leading into the ITN Lunchtime News

Feb. 28th 2000 - Jan. 5th 2003

 © SMG
"Celtic Girl 'A'" 298Kb / "Celtic Girl" Extended 589Kb 
(Mark McMillan thru. The TV Room)

With the afore mentioned merger with Grampian came a generic look between the two Scottish companies.  These idents come with many variations (like the current Generic looks), however the style of the ident is much more graphically superior to the Generic style of idents that some regions are currently experiencing.

Scottish Production End-Cap (2000)

Jan. 6th 2003 - May 30th 2006

 © SMG

Joining in the unified look for 2002, Scottish & Grampian with their effort towards ITV1.

May 30th 2006 - March 23rd 2009  


A blast from the past with a strangely familiar logo style, STV is back uniting Scotland, whilst eradicating another classic ITV name into history.  Good thing British Steel doesn't need it anymore...

March 23rd 2009 - June 2nd 2014  


Expanding on the British Steel S... adding the TV like a Scottish signpost pointing... to the right.  Surely it should be the North?!  Nice use of some of the scenery of Scotland, an idea seen in some of the 2000 ident set.

June 2nd 2014 - current  


Everything has to be curvy in the Teenies, no sharp edges for anything, including a channel logo!

Christmas/Festive Idents

 © SMG
186Kb (1994)

 © SMG
3.51Mb (1995)

STV's range of Christmas idents are fairly simple, but effective in using traditional elements of Christmas with its main logo.  These examples come from 1994 and 1995 respectively.

 © SMG

 © SMG

To celebrate a truly Scottish occasion, Hogmanay and the Millennium were celebrated with the use of these special idents, with a lack of "thistle" logo.

Scotland Today - News
1990 -1993

 © SMG
800Kb (including 1990 STV Ident)

The 1990 look of Scotland Today was this traditionally 80's style of graphical presentation.

News - 1993-1996

 © SMG

1993 saw a lovely lilac set for Scotland Today, to last with the company until the update of the main idents. 
The lunchtime editon included a live link within the programme to ITN for the news stories that would feature in the following National News.

News - 1996-1999

 © SMG
Intro: 967Kb

 © SMG

Scotland Today changed its look in 1996 with the new idents, and one of the best regional programmes that I have seen was created.

 © SMG

On the change of times on March 8th 1999 (following the scrapping of "News At Ten", Scotland Today produced this 4 minute feature of how great they are and how they are now "first with the news"

Programme Promotions/Trailer End-Caps

 © SMG

Mid 1990's

 © SMG


 © SMG


 © SMG

Whenever stv have a breakdown, a looped video gets pulled out.  Entitled "Scotland - The Edge Of The Land" shows stv's transmission area in a beautiful glow.

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The Scottish 2000 idents appears courtesy of Mark McMillan through Mike McGonagle's TV Room
Many thanks for all other images and video to Derek Smith.  Mid 90's standard end-cap from Richard Bell.

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