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Southern Television

Southern Television is one of those small time companies who were really big time in their local region.  With regular local programming such as "Day by Day", and networked output like "How", and "Worzel Gummidge", Southern established themselves as a good time ITV company.  Through the franchise rounds in 1980 however, Southern lost their license to a company who only lasted for 11 years.  An effectively small thank-you for a fatal decision.

30th August 1958 - 1960  

© Southern Television Ltd
126Kb (TV Ark)

Southern's first attempt on ITV was this fantastic animation, initially zooming into the compass then the southern stick extending out

1960 - 1965?

An initial version of the below ident was introduced in this period.  It had the layout of the above ident, however with the new "star" as seen in the images below.

1966? - Dec. 1969  

© Southern Television Ltd
104Kb (TV Ark)

The style of this ident would last with us till the demise of the company.  This download also features a short slide featuring the titles "Independent Television".  The name change to "Southern Independent Television" was made in the early 60's, before this ident aired.

Dec. 1969 - Dec. 31st 1981  

© Southern Television Ltd
74Kb (ITV Southern England)

Into the Seventies with the now infamous "Southern Star".  In current terms 20 years is a long time for no change of company logo!

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Thanks for the use of RealVideo idents on this page goes to: Mark Steele & Steve Hackett (TV Ark), Andrew Clarke & Mike Brook (ITV Southern England)

Last Updated: February 11, 2020


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