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Scottish Television - 1957 - 1989

1    9    5    7    -    1    9    8    0    '    s

The mass region of Scotland was not initially covered in the ITA's plans in 1955.  Overall the ITA originally decided that low population regions didn't need ITV at the initial outburst of the new channel.  However, ideas changed and Scottish Television was formed back in 1957.  From this they quickly developed themselves into the network, and became effectively one of the major "back-burners" of ITV.  However, that didn't stop them producing high quality "network" material, with examples such as Taggart, Fun House and Take The High Road, Scottish proved to be a force to be reckoned with.  Currently the company owns it's Scottish counterpart Grampian Television, however recent problems have been established with the ITC over its lack of regional programming. 

The future for Scottish.... well the evidence is that they are a very well established media company, been in ITV for 43 years, and is part of an expanding company with many assets.

31st Aug. 1957 - 1965

 © SMG

The first ever Scottish ident, was this still cap.  This lasted through to 1964, when STV acquired some telecine and developed animation techniques!

1965 - at least 9th January 1971

 © SMG
133Kb (TV Ark)

With the newly established company came this very clever ident, clever in its use of cardboard cutouts and swift "live" action.  It was well worth the wait in Scotland!

 © SMG

And an old end-cap taken from a programme shown on Millennium Eve in the STV region.  Any thoughts on its authenticy?

Early 70's - 1975

 © SMG
106Kb (TV Ark)

The introduction of colour to Scotland signified this ident, combining the popular blue background of this period with simplistic animation.  However, no established logo to really make Scottish unique...

A similar logo to the one above was introduced in 1975 which was presented as a blue logo on a black background.

31st August 1985 - End 1988

 © SMG
182Kb (TV Ark)

Computer generated graphics were in vogue by the time Scottish got this ident.  The company logo turned out to be the Scottish "thistle", a style to stay with the company for 13 years.  A very nice effort, one that does go down in ident history.  Scottish also celebrated their 30th Anniversary using this logo and a variation of the animation sequence.

 © SMG

Locally, this is another version of the STV thistle using the 1986 style logo.

4th Sep. 1989 - Late 1989

 © SMG
331Kb (Mark McMillan) (no announcer)
309Kb (Mark McMillan) (voice-over station ID)

However, Scottish had to give way to the 1989 ITV Generic Style for their version of the ident.  The beginning of this file features the version of the "Thistle" logo that we are familiar with, different to the version above, and heralds a new logo for Scottish Television.

 © SMG

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Scottish Television Into The 1990's

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With thanks for the use of RealVideo material to: Steve Hackett & Mark Steele (Television Ark)
The ITV 1989 Scottish idents appears courtesy of Mark McMillan
The 1957 Scottish front-cap and information regarding ident use from David Sibbald.
The 1960's end-cap captured by Derek Smith
1989 "production" image from Richard Bell

Last Updated: September 23, 2018


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